If you like the outdoors and learning to lead - Troop 222 may be for you!   See below for a little more commentary about who we are and how we operate.  Send a note to Recruitment@t222.org if you want to learn more.  We are always looking for new Scouts with a desire to learn and grow.  Members of T222 can Login to the T222 website to access Troop information.  If you are having trouble with access, you can also email our Webmaster to help you out.  

lake in sunset

Photo:  Lower Ottoway Lake, campsite for T222 50-miler in the Yosemite backcountry

Who we Are and How we Operate

Troop 222 is a longstanding Scout Troop in Menlo Park.  Scouting is a program designed for scouts from the ages of 11 to 17 to learn and grow as individuals, citizens and leaders.  We have approximately forty Scouts that principally attend school in Menlo Park.  Most of our younger Scouts attend Hillview and La Entrada Middle Schools and our older Scouts mostly Menlo-Atherton High School.  However, we draw Scouts from a variety of other neighboring schools.

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                   Photos: Henry Coe and Half Dome 50 miler



We follow the time-tested methods of the Scouting program where Scouts advance through "ranks" in the program under the guidance of older Scouts.  The ultimate rank in Scouting is that of Eagle Scout, which remains a designation of distinction because it represents the dedication to learning and citizenship over a course of years.  Initial ranks are focused on learning skills and putting them into practice in an outdoor setting.  Older ranks are achieved by practicing leadership and learning about different areas of life skills, interest and duties by attaining "Merit Badges."  To finalize a rank advancement, a Scout engages with adults in an interview type setting, both with a Scoutmaster and with a group of adults in a "Board of Review."  The Scout is then recognized in a ceremony attended by their peers and parents.

View of mountains in the sun

Photo: Woods Lake from the Emigrant Wilderness 50-miler

A central means of reinforcing learning and instilling self confidence is exposing Scouts to outdoor environments.  We do this through outings that range from hikes in the local mountains to expeditions in the Sierras and beyond.  Our Scouts routinely summit mountains, including Half Dome and Mount Whitney, and trek 50-70 miles on backpacking trips carrying their food and supplies.  Along the way Scouts learn the importance of stewardship of our environment and leaving no trace of our presence in the backcountry.  Adults participate and interact, but give the Scouts the space to operate largely on their own and deal with obstacles and challenges along the way.

Scouts also learn about being good citizens.  This involves learning how our local and national governments operate and understanding our duties and obligations to do our part.  Scouts also regularly help in service project in our community.

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The chartering organization for the Troop is Menlo Church, which supports us by providing space for meetings and ceremonies to celebrate achievements by our Scouts.  Scouts and Scout families need not be affiliated with Menlo Church to join the Troop.

Our Scouts are supported by an extremely talented and committed group of parents with an amazing array of skills to help our scouts learn and grow.  Many of us have seen our scouts mature and grow into young adults during their years in scouting which deepens our commitment to the program.  It is a unique learning experience that is different than the other important lessons that scouts learn in sports and other extra-curricular activities.  Most of our Scouts are extremely active in a wide variety of sports, music, robotics and other activities.  That is all part of being a well-rounded person with a wide variety of life experiences.  But, there is something magical and empowering about digging deep to climb that mountain pass and gaze upon distant peaks with a clear mind free from the distractions of a constantly connected life.  Our Scouts return home refreshed and empowered.  It is great to see and be part of.  If you want that for your youth, come check us out.

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